Three Cutting Edge Electic Cars

It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about acceleration orĀ fuel efficiency, the automotive industry is surprising us every year with new inventions and improvement of the old principles.

An electric car racing series, known as Formula E World Championship is being entered by Andretti Autosport. Andretti wants to be a leader in 21st century racing. The two-car operation will join Drayson Racing, based in Britain, and China Racing. An all-star car driven by the likes of Ryan Hunter, James Hinchcliffe or Marco Andretti will be featured.


It is an opportunity to diversify. Younger racing audiences are the target. The Formula E teams, like Formula 1, will have four of the Series-provided electric cars and two drivers at their disposal. Renault is the first chassis manufacturer to sign on. Three to five others are expected by the Series officials before the second year.

The cars run on batteries that last about 25 minutes. Drivers will have to switch cars while the batteries are recharging. A change to a freshly recharged car is made, by the driver entering the pit and running 100 meters to the replacement.

Teams will arrive prior to the event to prepare the cars for competition. The operating budget and rules do not allow much development to the car. This enhances parity for the race. Andretti is more concerned about the electric technology than in the car itself.

BMW is confident that there is a market for electric cars. They plan to launch their first all electric car soon. The cars are due to appear at dealerships in November.

Luxurious and pricey are used to describe the new model. The i3 electric hatchback will debut in London, New York and Beijing. Promoting the car in these venues is BMW’s way of showing they are serious and have long term plans for vehicles of this kind.

Government enthusiasm about low-emission vehicles is the strongest motivation behind electric technology. Emission rules in Europe and California are powerful incentives for manufacturers to add these efficient vehicles to the company fleet. A carbon fibre-based shell is the basis of the vehicle. It has a chassis make of aluminum and paneling made from eucalyptus wood.

A subsidiary of Daimler AG, Mercedes-AMG and Ashton Martin Langonda Ltd. are planning a technical partnership. The partnership has been brewing since June of 2011. Supply agreements are an essential part of the agreement. Mercedes-Banz Cars will provide the electronic components for Ashton Martin’s models of the future. The engine will be supplied by Mercedes-AMG. Overall transactions are subject to detail approval from all parties and any applicable regulatory approval necessary.

These companies also believe that innovative green technology is what people want. Emission-free driving is the long term goal. They are accepting the challenge of being environmentally responsible. For competitive reasons, both companies have agreed to non-disclosure of future details at this time.

AMG was chosen specifically for its powertrain development processing. Cutting edge technology is sourced from key suppliers around the world. The models will be luxury sport cars. That is the product for which Aston Martin is best known. The partnership is a win-win-win situation. The winners are AMG, Aston Martin and the environment.

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