Opportunities And Challenges For Women In Politics

Opportunities And Challenges For Women In Politics

Every field of work will tend to have its own opportunities and challenges for women, but politics is a very common field that is known to not favor women maybe as much as it should. The common fact that we have not yet had a woman president raises question about how difficult of a path it is for any given female politician to make it up the ranks – I believe there are several obstacles women must over come in order to make progress in the political world.

First of all, women just aren’t seen as being powerful. Most of the time the women are thought of belonging behind the desk doing secretarial work rather than holding a position of power. While secretarial work is vastly underrated and definitely provides the political machine lots of benefits, it’s almost a laughing matter to consider a woman holding any sort of power. Not being regarded as strong, powerful, and/or having good leadership has got to sap inspiration for the women who really strive to rise up the political ranks. But then again, being counted as a lesser could ignite a fire that in turn creates more determination and desire.

So what happens when women do make it to a spot where they hold power? More times than not the areas that women tend to invest value and interest are not unanimously agreed upon by the many men who have to carry out the leg work. Women tend to focus on health, education, and welfare. Even though these are very important, the traditional domains that deserve more focus by men are economy and warfare. This causes tension between females and males in terms of what deserves more attention and often leads to disappointment for both parties.

Even if you leave the professional line of work out of it, women will always be scrutinized for their physical appearance while men seem to get a free pass for any discrepancy in appearance. Women will be judged based on their weight, their sex appeal, and of course their clothes. A woman who shows off too much skin while holding power in office will be described as being promiscuous, manipulative, and lacking intelligence, but a woman not showing any skin and looking completely serious and professional will be thought of as uptight, defensive, and pugnacious. This is why there will never be a happy medium that is agreement of a female political leader’s physical presence.

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