Occupations that Affect Climate Change You May Not Have Thought Of

environment leaf picture moyanWhen it comes to our planet, we simply must be aware of the damage we’re doing to the environment before it’s too late. With natural disasters becoming more and more frequent, it would appear as though the first effects of climate change are beginning to rear their ugly heads. The ice caps appear to be melting, the weather appears to be growing increasingly wild, and the temperate of the earth does appear to be gently rising. There are a number of factors that can contribute to climate change and global warming, and we must do something about them fast. In this article we’ll be looking at jobs that directly, or indirectly, affect climate change; in both positive and negative way.


While farming is an extremely important part of everyday life, it can’t be denied that it does play a pretty large role in climate change. The chemicals farmers use to treat their crops and kill insects and pests are proven to be harmful to the environment. As there are so many farms all over the world, all using similar chemicals and ingredients, these toxic chemicals are starting to take their toll on the world we live in. Additionally, the fuel burned by the automated farming we use today increases the damage done to our atmosphere.

Law Firms

Cases like big legal cases against companies failing to stick to environmentally friendly health codes and standards are handled by law firms and can have far-reaching effects on the world as a whole.  Law firms that specialize in environmental law can make sweeping changes through litigation that can help or hurt our earth. It isn’t only lawyers that help in this process; what paralegals do is very helpful as well.

In addition to lawyers, paralegals are individuals who work extremely closely with attorneys and provide substantive types of legal work. They do a lot of the key research on past rulings and past judgements to help the attorneys correctly deal with climate change based lawsuits. It’s easier to become a paralegal than an attorney; there are a number of aba approved paralegal programs in place that are designed to help paralegal firms and individuals get maximum results with their respective careers.


This is an obvious one, but we’ve included it anyways. Obviously scientists don’t negatively affect the environment, but they do study the effects of climate change, look at the effects we’re having on the Earth as a whole, and what we can do to help tackle these problems. Scientists like these could very well help to save the Earth in the not-too-distant future.

Energy companies

Energy companies generating power via various methods are having an extremely damaging affect on the environment. Nuclear power plants for example, are pumping out noxious gases on a daily basis, and are even contaminating their nearby surrounding. Take the Fukushima nuclear power station in Japan for instance. The station there released radioactive material into the environment, contaminating many square miles of the surrounding areas as a result. The irony of this historical event is that it was the result of a tsunami. A tsunami which could very well have been caused by the effects of global warming; being caused in part by the radioactive materials and toxins emitted into the air from these very power plants.

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