Kitchen gardening

When you are looking to have a garden in your kitchen, specifically growing tomatoes in your kitchen, there are a few essentials needed to having healthy grown tomatoes. Growing plants such as tomatoes is usually easier compared to most other methods and the outcomes are amazing.


First and foremost, having the right container makes all the difference, you don’t want to choose a container that is too heavy to move if needed or too difficult to clean. The best pot I recommend is about 20 in and have a saucer under them. These aren’t real heavy and can be cleaned without too much time or effort.

Secondly, draining is crucial for plant life. You should have a container that drains water easily, so if you would like to add rocks to your plant, put them on top of the saucer under the pot itself. This will not disturb water from seeking out and it will still give it that beauty. Also, make sure to line the inside of your container with a layer or two of screen to ensure the soil doesn’t move around.

Your plant needs fertilizer along with water, to grow healthy. But your average fertilizer’s nutrients will wash away when water is added. So make sure you choose a fertilizer that was made to stay in the pot otherwise you’ll be adding more each time you water the plant.

Add a generous amount of compost to your plant especially in the summertime. Compost is the most recommended to keep your plants cool while keeping it moist. Also, fertilize on a regular basis. Organic Fertilizers are the most recommended as they last between 6 weeks to around 3 months before needing more.

Lastly, growing tomatoes in containers provide the risk of drowning, be careful about using trays under your container, as they can hold onto large amounts of water and drown the roots of your plant. For the sunshine, the best place to put your plant, is on a window sill where it can be in direct sunlight, if you don’t have a place that is ideal then make sure your plant is in sunshine around 6 hours per day to ensure a successful growth.

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