Forensic Science Colleges Are Churning Out Animal Experts

animal expertsWith so many television shows depicting the world of forensic science, you may feel you have adequate knowledge of the field. However, there is a growing need for the discipline of Wildlife Forensic Science. This is an area of forensic science that deals with the biology makeup of non-humans. Wildlife Forensic Science may shape up to be a pretty interesting show premise.

Wildlife Forensic Science: Wildlife Forensic Scientists deal with any non-human biology. The scope of these scientists can encompass veterinary services, DNA testing, animal hair identification, bioterrorism, poaching, and animal cruelty to name a few.

Education Requirements: The Scientific Working Group for Wildlife Forensic Scientists  (SWGWILD) outlined  standards in 2011 that are to be adhered to for all Wildlife Forensic Practitioners. To become certified in this field, a person has to meet these points of criteria:

Poaching: While there are a vast array of needs for Wildlife Forensic Scientists, poaching could be at the top of list. For example, two years ago the customs department in a Hong Kong port, intercepted a shipment of 605 elephant tusks. Law enforcement was called in to investigate the crimes. In order to help track the origin of the ivory, Wildlife Forensic Scientist were asked to run the DNA of the tusks to find where the elephants originated. Through this process, law enforcement came to realize that entire elephant herds were being targeted to meet ivory demands.

Prior to this finding, law enforcement believed that poachers were likely getting the ivory from everywhere it was available. Now that certain locations have been pinpointed through the DNA of these tusks, law enforcement can make a greater effort to put an end to poaching. Read the full story here: With the growing needs of wildlife preserve and the crimes associated with the determinate of animals, the need for Wildlife Forensic Scientists is great. As the field value continues to grow, these scientists will pave the way to a better environment and judicial system.

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