FBI and Marshal Service Most Wanted Lists: Do They Work?

wanted posterIt is given that there are many criminals who have escaped from jails around United States and learning how to become a US marshal and even an FBI agent can help in capturing these fugitives. Aside from training many people in becoming marshals and agents, one of the most interesting facts that has helped in capturing criminals are releases of the most wanted lists made by FBI or Federal Bureau Investigation and US Marshal Service. Though these lists may seem as plain pictures and names of people printed on paper, it was used to allow and help people in identifying those fugitives that may be hiding in certain areas.

There are people who would ask what can you do with a criminal justice degree if you are not able to capture a single fugitive. This question may sound sarcastic but you may think that it will, somehow, make you realize that without tips and further investigation just earning a justice degree is not enough. As you dream of becoming a US marshal or an FBI agent, it is important that you are able to earn a degree and should be aware of what things you can do to capture fugitives.

Aside from further investigation and tracing the whereabouts of a particular criminal, tips from people who have seen the person can also help in capturing a criminal. People are able to provide tips to marshals and agents as soon as they release a list of the most dangerous criminals that may be staying in any place. This is where the list of most wanted criminals will come in handy. The list started from a conversation made between the Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover and current Editor-in-Chief of International News Service, which is now United Press International, William Kinsey Hutchinson in 1949.

With the aim of letting the public know about the top lists of the toughest guys that are out in the open, the release of the most wanted criminals started and has helped both US Marshals and FBI agents capturing particular criminals in the two lists. As the 2 agencies release separate list of top fugitives, agents and marshals are able to make capturing of these people easier than before.

People know that the U.S. Marshals always keep list of 15 federal fugitives and wanted posters of these fugitives are placed on post offices located nationwide. On the other hand, FBI agency keep a list of 10 most wanted fugitives and are also posted on post offices and other public places.

What makes the marshals’ list different from the FBI’s is that no common suspects can be seen in each list. Each agency is using different criteria in determining every single fugitive that should be included in the list any time it is needed. Since these agencies follow different criteria, the possibilities of capturing more fugitives are higher than just releasing a list of the same names. It has worked on the previous years, and it is sure to work for capturing fugitives on the following years.

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