Democracy Thrives Best In A Capitalistic Society

real-estate-agentDemocracy is an economic system with its foundation on private ownership of which is the only way possible for production is Capitalism. Two examples are the development of a large Interstate Highway, or a large scale public works project. Essentially, all capitalist-geared economies are mixed economies, with a focus on the ownership of private investments, but some investments by the government to give direction in the economy through the spending policies and the tax codes.

In 2011, the average salary of financial sales services was $98,810 per year; or $47.50 per hour according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A stock broker stacked up nicely, averaging around the $72,060 mark.

The job salary for a music producer is anywhere from $20,000 to $1 million a year. Although, the average is about $40,000 a year. The more education and experience you have in music production, the more you will make in this industry, apparently.

Supply and demand works in the free market to determine which things get produced and what prices the consumers will pay. Laws designed to provide open and fair access to the free market protect the participants.

The democratic society is the ideal of having the ability to choose the course of action of the nation by votes for and removal by votes, of the representatives and the leaders. Keeping the citizens best interests close to heart and heavy on the minds of the Politian’s  ,is the nature of this concept on this idealistic way of life.

It has been said that the truth is a business can almost never be conducted as a democracy, because it is here to make money from the people who inhabit the area surrounding the business. As a business is a resident of the surrounding communities it serves, then the business one would suppose instead of making 20 and stripping the land it will make 10 or 15, and repair the land. These philosophies are almost never made law to businesses alone, because businessmen think that kind of thinking is ridiculous.

The point is capitalism gives each person a choice, they can choose to work hard and be rewarded, or they can choose to blame others for your problems and go nowhere. We can not create a situation where everybody is going to be wealthy, just because you are also creating a situation where the bottom of that is the poor. There simply isn’t enough money for all of us to get rich. A very large middle class or a very large poor population, it seems that we are moving towards the latter of those two situations.

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