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Opportunities And Challenges For Women In Politics

Every field of work will tend to have its own opportunities and challenges for women, but politics is a very common field that is known to not favor women maybe as much as it should. The common

5 Quotes That Try To Explain How Political Families Get Along?

Political families are fairly common, just look at the Bush’s, Clinton’s, and many other powerhouse political families that have to balance politics and life. Here are a few quick quotes to take a deeper delve into politics…

Push Through The Bureaucracy – Encouragement For Tough Political Times

In the days of Obama Care and government gridlock, things can look pretty glim. Both sides of the aisle seemingly cannot agree on anything, are constantly attacking each other, and even fighting amongst their own party. As

Democracy Thrives Best In A Capitalistic Society

Democracy isĀ an economic system with its foundation on private ownership of which is the only way possible for production is Capitalism. Two examples are the development of a large Interstate Highway, or a large scale public works